1. How do I order?

Browse through our catalog and select a frame on our site that you desire as well as stating the type of lenses you require.  

2. Do I need a prescription?

Yes, if you are purchasing prescriptive eye wear. Our site will prompt you to upload your prescription on check out. 

If you do not have your prescription, please do select either the free home eye check or partner shop eye check options. Simply click here to find the closest store to your location.

Refer below for a more comprehensive explanation in choosing an eye check. 

3. What do I do after I have selected the frames I desire?

Scenario 1: Prescriptive Lenses

If you have selected a frame with prescriptive lenses, we will require you to upload your current prescription or schedule an appointment for an eye test.

Home Eye Check:

If you have selected the home eye test, you will be directed to choose a time and date for the appointment. Once our in-house optometerist has confirmed the home eye check, a confirmation email will be sent out to you.

Partner Shop Eye Check:

If you have selected the complimentary eye check at a partner shop, you will be directed to select your preferred venue and time for the eye check. 

Once your prescription is uploaded (by you or the qualified optometerist), your order will be processed and delivered.

Scenario 2: Non Prescriptive Lenses

If you have selected a frame without prescriptive lenses (e.g sunglasses), you can proceed with the check out and no eye check is required.

4. Can I call Visual Loft to place an order?

Unfortunately for security purposes, our customer service representatives cannot place the order over the phone for you. However, we can give you detailed instructions on how to place your order. Simply head back to our site and drop us a message!

Got what you are looking for? Head back here to complete your order. 

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